Tim Castle

International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Success Coach

Tim Castle is an Author, Speaker and Success Coach, training teams in Sales, Negotiation, Personal Development. Tim is an Advisor to Startups in a number of Accelerator Programs including Blue Chilli, Stockland Accelerator and She Starts programs. His mission is to encourage others to go after their really big goals, to inspire change, whether that be ditching destructive habits or realigning your lifestyle to reach your fullest potential.

Tim Castle is author of international bestseller 'Be The Lion' which won Finalist at the Business Book Awards 2020 in the Personal Development and Wellbeing Category and has been reported by the UK press as being on the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s reading list.

Through his 4Cs Framework for overcoming big challenges and making it happen (detailed in Be The Lion) he enables anyone to reshape their life and put their true purpose into action.

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