Inner Leadership Advisory Board

Desmond Sheehy

Des has spent the last 30 years struggling to maintain his Irish accent having left Ireland as an Engineer in 1988. Whilst working in Asia, Europe and the US as first an Engineer, then as an Investor and Entrepreneur, he has developed a need to work with people, companies and projects which have a sustainable focus on improving the world and those who live in it.

In the last 20 years, Des has been investing into companies and funds across a number of sectors across the capital structure in both emerging and developed markets. He has had leadership roles at IFC (World Bank Group, Deutsche Bank and Duxton Asset Management.Des is now focused on mentoring and helping founders and companies develop so that they can better tackle the next stage in their journey. His main focus is on Vietnam (continuing his 20-year love affair with the country), Human Development (Health, Wellness, Food) and Human Capital (Education, Effectiveness). His mantra is – “how can I help, I may have seen that before” – cognizant that he has spent over 50 years realizing his limitations whilst he has gained a wide range of experiences and collected many priceless friendships on the way.

Des is very active in a number of organizations such as The Singapore Ireland Funds a charity affiliated to the global “The Ireland Funds”, which he helped set up in 2008, and has served on the executive committee since then. He is a coach and leader of Valkyries Girls Rugby, which has enabled Girls rugby take off in Singapore. At INSEAD, he is an active alumnus, mentor, judge and Entrepreneur in Residence helping current and former students examine and reach their goals. He is also an active participant in the Young Presidents’ Organization, helping to organize and day chair a number of learning events.

Des has lived whilst he worked or studied, in Ireland, the UK, Spain, Denmark, Japan, France, USA, Hong Kong and finally Singapore. He has led teams that have made investments and structured funds in Argentina, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Australia. He has a BE (1988) from University College Cork, in Ireland and an MBA (1998) from INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France, and has attended many other programs in prestigious universities.

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