Deep Human Resilience

$ 180.00 USD

Level up your ability to thrive even in challenging times! Join us for 4 weeks of daily videos, original exercises and live practice sessions with the co-authors of Deep Human.

- Rewire your brain for happiness with neuroscience and psychology tools
- Learn mindsets and mental reframes for greater personal effectiveness
- Upgrade your emotional intelligence to deal better with triggers
- Boost your energy and vitality with grounding and releasing techniques
- Find your voice and connect to your values
- Develop holistic resilience – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual resilience

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(+65) 8611 2750
Get in touch with us
(+65) 8611 2750

Due to the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), we regretfully announce that Inner Leadership 2020 will be postponed till 2021. But we're working on bringing you exciting online content about leadership and mindfulness. Try out our guided practices, listen to our podcast, and register for our online events!